Gareth Hartley
Head of Lithium

Gareth is an accomplished leader in energy storage and battery technology. As the Head of Lithium, he drives Gelion’s research and development efforts on Li-S batteries. Gareth’s expertise lies in translating scientific advancements into practical solutions, ensuring innovation and sustainability.

Previously, Gareth served as the Principal Scientist at OXLiD Ltd, a company that was acquired by Gelion in 2023. In this capacity, he guided the product development team, connecting technical expertise with business insight.

Before joining OXLiD, Gareth worked as a Business Intelligence Manager at the Faraday Institution, where he established strong networks across the battery sector and shaped commercialisation strategies for early-stage battery research.

Gareth’s prior academic journey included work at the cutting edge of solid-state battery research. He pursued a DPhil in Materials from the University of Oxford, working under the renowned Prof. Peter G. Bruce FRS, FRSE. Additionally, Gareth holds a First-Class Master’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield.

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