Aligned to UN SDGs

Our mission, goals and operations closely align with six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set out in Agenda 2030. These are:

Goal 6

Clean Water & Sanitation

Gelion’s zinc hybrid batteries are designed to be suitable for deployment in hot and remote areas to support solar-powered water purification and desalination plants. Gelion’s core mission includes a commitment to the supply of clean power and fresh water for all.


Goal 7

Affordable and Clean Energy

In particular, our zinc hybrid batteries are designed to contribute to target 7.2 (Increase the share of renewable energy) by replacing fossil fuel powered sources of energy in transport and stationary power applications.

Goal 9

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Our zinc hybrid technology is designed to support target 9.1 by providing reliable power to businesses and residences.

Goal 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Gelion’s batteries produce no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, directly contributing to target 11.6 (reduce the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities, including by paying special attention to air quality).

Goal 12

Responsible Consumption and Production

Our batteries use abundant, non-conflict materials that are recyclable at the end of the lifecycle. Thus, they directly contribute to target 12.1 (sustainable production) and 12.2 (efficient use of natural resources).

Goal 13

Climate action

Gelion’s technology is aimed at providing climate mitigation and adaptation technologies and directly contributes to target 13.1 (strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity).

Mobile Storage

Discover the leading-edge performance powering tomorrow’s transport.

Mobile Applications

Learn more about the way Gelion’s Zinc Hybrid non-flow battery transforms the safety, sustainability and performance of stationary energy storage solutions.

Stationary Applications

How Gelion’s Zinc Hybrid battery is the answer for the growing stationary energy storage market.

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