Result of GM and Total Voting Rights

Voting Results of the 2023 GM of Gelion Plc (the “Company”)

At the Company’s General Meeting held on Monday 27 November 2023 all proposed resolutions were duly passed.

Proxy votes are detailed below:

No.ResolutionVotes in FavourPercentageVotes AgainstPercentageVotes withheld
1To authorise the directors to allot shares pursuant to the Placing, Subscription, Retail Offer, and the acquisition of OXLiD Ltd.42,660,71199.99%183Less than 0.01%None
2To authorise the directors to disapply the statutory pre-emption rights in relation to the allotment of shares pursuant to the Placing, Subscription and Retail Offer.42,597,27199.85%406Less than 0.01%63,217

Page last updated 27 Nov 2023.

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