Voting Results Table

Voting Results of the 2022 AGM of Gelion Plc (the “Company”)

At the Company’s Annual General Meeting held on Friday 9 December 2022 all proposed resolutions were duly passed.

Proxy votes are detailed below:

No.ResolutionVotes in FavourPercentageVotes AgainstPercentageTotal Votes
1Receipt of annual report and accounts9,732,387100.00%00.00%9,732,387
2Reappointment of Dr Stephen Mahon9,732,387100.00%00.00%9,732,387
3Reappointment of Amit Gupta9,732,387100.00%00.00%9,732,387
4Reappointment of Professor Thomas Maschmeyer9,732,387100.00%00.00%9,732,387
5Reappointment of Joycelyn Morton7,863,13780.79%1,869,25019.21%9,732,387
6Reappointment of Michael Davie7,863,13780.79%1,869,25019.21%9,732,387
7Reappointment of BDO LLP as auditor9,732,387100.00%00.00%9,732,387
8Authorise the directors to fix auditor's remuneration9,730,38799.98%2,0000.02%9,732,387
9Directors' authority to allot shares7,764,43099.97%2,3990.03%7,766,829
10Disapplication of pre-emption rights9,729,98899.98%2,3990.02%9,732,387

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