Gelion’s Zinc Hybrid Battery

Gelion’s Zinc Hybrid battery uses a unique gel that transforms traditional zinc hybrid technology into a more effective energy store device.

Gelion’s Zn redox chemistry is based on non-toxic materials that are low cost and globally well distributed. The technology has very strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials that support many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Traditionally, costly and complex flow batteries have been adopted to implement the zinc hybrid chemistry, but that has brought with it operational and commercial challenges. Gelion’s breakthrough has reengineered the potential of zinc hybrid to deliver a practical and commercial solution for stationary energy storage.

Breakthrough technology

Gelion’s breakthrough non-flow zinc-bromide (ZnBr2) battery targets the growing stationary energy storage market with a competitive levelized cost of energy storage (LCOES) supported by low-capacity fade and more than 5,000 cycles.
Our unique design enables low production costs and reduces the time to market by leveraging established manufacturing ecosystems of lead-acid batteries.

Gelion batteries are abuse tolerant and can be repeatedly discharged to zero volts (emptied completely) without harming performance. This makes them suitable for use in harsh, remote off-grid environments and on-grid commercial and industrial applications.

Gelion’s Zinc Hybrid battery is highly recyclable, easily dismantled to plastics, metals, carbon and salt-water at end-of-life.

Competitive Advantage

zinc bromide battery gelion-sqaure

Low-Cost, Long-life and Long-duration

Safe and High Temperature Tolerant

Highly Recyclable

Robust and Abuse Tolerant

Mobile Storage

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Mobile Applications

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Stationary Applications

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